Guest Post: Sampling Local Drinks in Cuba

Note from Sarah: Maria Johnson is an amazing woman. She’s become one of my dearest friends and a spiritual big sister / aunt to me in so many ways. She has a fun blog and a book coming out really soon called My Badass Book of Saints (go forth and pre-order now). She offered to write a guest post about her journey home to Cuba to visit with family … and see/meet/take a selfie with Pope Francis. Please enjoy this joyful reflection.

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Episode 3: Green Chartreuse & Hot Around The Collar

On Episode 3 of the Catholic Drinkie Show, Sarah Vabulas shamefully admits why her podcast was 2 weeks late and introduces listeners to the wonders of Green Chartreuse – did you know it is made by Carthusian Monks? Next up, she reveals a new segment called “Hot Around the Collar,” when she will interview priests from around the world about their vocation stories and the beautify of the vocation to the priesthood. Share feedback at or on any Catholic Drinkie social channels.



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Blessed Are You Blog Tour – Mourning

I remember the Beatitudes were one of the first over-arching themes of my faith formation growing up — we learned about them in PSR and at youth group. I think even being forced to memorize them at one point or another. They are a beautiful gift from our Lord Jesus, showing us that the supposed least of us were in fact the best of us. What an incredible thought to ponder.

RigneyIn Melanie Rigney’s new book, Blessed Are You; Finding Inspiration From Our Sisters in Faith (on, she outlines the Beatitudes and saints who embody each wonderful trait. In Chapter 2, Rigney so elegantly tells the stories of four saints who suffered great mourning, yet found deep comfort and solace in God.

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Catholic Hipster Podcast Ep 03

On this week’s Catholic Hipster Podcast, Tommy & Sarah talk with hipster priest Fr. Damien Ference about books, music and how to be a real hipster. Don’t miss out.


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Episode 2: Is there beer in the Bible?

In episode 2, Sarah talks about if beer is in the Bible and the importance of moderation in drinking. Want to know more about beer cocktails? Sarah has you covered. Learn about beer cocktails and how to make a few good ones. And Sarah concludes the show by giving you some encouragement in your evangelization efforts. Share feedback at or on any Catholic Drinkie social channels.

Beer Cocktails mentioned in the episode:

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