On the road dance party

The other night I had a speaking gig in Auburn so I left after work. I had a friend join me for the ride to Auburn and I forced him into have some fun with me. I hope that you enjoy it.

So this happened in the car while driving to Auburn to give a talk. This is how my friend Joey and I killed time. I love technology and gadgets.

Posted by Catholic Drinkie on Tuesday, April 14, 2015


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Getting into vinyl #HipsterCred

If you follow me on Twitter or are IRL friends with me, you know that I’m *slightly* into ordering things online *cough cough* Amazon as well as a big lover of music. Well, this week I allowed myself to finally merge these loves: I purchased my very first turntable so I can now enjoy the glorious depths of sound found on vinyl.

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Drink of the Month: Dogfish Head Festina Peche

I thought for this month’s Drink of the Month, I would finally feature a beer! This is one of my favorite seasonals. It’s beginning to warm up nationwide so grab a pint of this, sit on your porch and enjoy the beauty of Spring.

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Growing old alone?

Pardon the personal nature of this post. I’ve heard mixed reviews from readers when I talk about my personal life, veering off course from more Catholic- or beer-related matters. But my heart yearns to share my struggle in hopes of allowing others to see they are not alone if they feel this too. So please accept my sincerest apologies in advance if this topic offends or displeases you. I’m simply attempting to be authentic and share with others some of my struggles.


My biggest fear seems like it might come true: I might grow old alone. I’ll be 32 this fall. A scary number for certain when you’re woefully single without any prospects on the horizon. 

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Top 5 Cocktails for Easter

Stumped for what to serve at your Easter brunch, lunch or dinner celebration? After taking a very scientific poll of folks via Twitter, text and Google Hangout, I compiled the following 5 cocktails to recommend! It’s a nice mix of classic and “now” cocktails. Have fun celebrating the Risen Lord with your family and friends!

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