Drinking with the Saints: Giveaway

Drinking with the Saints is a book any Catholic should have on his or her shelf. Not only does Michael Foley give us many spirited beverages to enjoy each day of the year, but we learn as we experiment with classic and new beverages alike. It is abundantly clear that Foley holds a doctorate in Catholic systematic theology and is an associate professor of Patristics in the Great Texts Program at Baylor University. This book is packed full of goodness, both spiritually and creatively.

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Five Years in Heaven: An Interview, Giveaway & Exclusive Recipe

Five_Years_in_Heaven__The_Unlikely_Friendship_that_Answered_Life_s_Greatest_Questions__John_Schlimm__9780553446579__Amazon_com__BooksFive Years in Heaven. A beautiful book full of wisdom, laughter and heartwarming moments between a young man and a nun. John Schlimm, author of this lovely story about his friendship with artist-nun Sister Augustine. If you want to read a book cover to cover, this is just the one for you.

Alongside the release of his highly-anticipated book, John is encouraging the social media world to participate in Thank a Nun DayThank a Nun Day is an organized social media effort that invites participants of all ages from around the world to unite under the hashtag #ThankANun to share messages of gratitude to the Catholic nuns — past and present — who have made a difference in their lives. For more information check out the Thank a Nun Day website.

Enter to win Five Years in Heaven here:

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The blessings of friendship

Friendships are a blessing and are one of my favorite parts about being a human. Especially as a single person, I treasure my dear friends very much as they provide me not only with so much laughter and a spiritual support group, but with an outlet for my sanity! Plus, they serve as my homebrew taste testers and helping hands. That’s what friends are for, right?

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Classic Cocktail Series: Mai Tai

Everyone loves a good Mai Tai. Don’t even try to play that “it’s not manly enough” card — you love it. It’s refreshing, fun and perfect for warm weather.

From the official Trader Vic’s website, which claims the invention of the Mai Tai. They sell more than anyone else in the world each year, so who am I to argue?

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