Catholic Hipster Podcast Ep 03

On this week’s Catholic Hipster Podcast, Tommy & Sarah talk with hipster priest Fr. Damien Ference about books, music and how to be a real hipster. Don’t miss out.


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Episode 2: Is there beer in the Bible?

In episode 2, Sarah talks about if beer is in the Bible and the importance of moderation in drinking. Want to know more about beer cocktails? Sarah has you covered. Learn about beer cocktails and how to make a few good ones. And Sarah concludes the show by giving you some encouragement in your evangelization efforts. Share feedback at or on any Catholic Drinkie social channels.

Beer Cocktails mentioned in the episode:

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Do You Hide Your True Self When Dating?

The good folks over at invited me to begin blogging with them. I published my first post on July 19 and tackle the hard subject of authentic dating. To read the full text, head over to my post at CatholicMatch. I always appreciate your support.



In watching my friends and experiencing my own dating life, there is no easier way to lose yourself than in a relationship. Relationships are so fun and new love is an exhilarating feeling.

We allow ourselves to be open and we receive someone else as they are. Flaws and all. The first few weeks or months is an exciting time in any relationship — butterflies, nervous hand-holding, awkward conversations. This is the fun part. You are on cloud nine and you don’t want anything to get in the way of your opportunity for new love.

But what if you are gripping so tightly at the chance for a relationship, that you are compromising your true self in the process?

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Catholic Hipster Podcast Ep 02


In the second episode of the Catholic Hipster Podcast, Tommy & Sarah are joined by Tommy’s wife Karen, who tells a really embarrassing story about Fr. Chris Ortega and Sarah when they were first planning the podcast. Then Tommy & Sarah dive into 90s youth ministry talking icebreakers, music and other nonsense youth ministers use to bring teens together. And finally, they are joined by the one and only Arleen Spenceley to talk about her book Chastity Is for Lovers: Single, Happy, and (Still) a Virgin, available for purchase from Arleen or on Amazon.



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Hop Hands Kickstarter & Christian Volun-beering

Many beer enthusiasts ride bicycles — whether for commuting, exercise, or just for fun. In Portland, Christian beer enthusiasts Jenna Forstom & Emily Daman have seen a few too many cyclists struggling to find ways to carry their growlers from breweries or bottle shops, to their final destinations. Hop Hands mission is to deliver quality beer transportation products, which encourage environmentally friendly choices and help give back to the community. Hop Hands is a simple growler carrying devices that straps onto a bike, or can be carried by hand.

I was able to sit down with creators Jenna & Emily to talk with them about their project and their desire to give back to the community through what I have named “volun-beering.” They created this project as a way for their volunteering to come together with their love of beer and their Christian faith. These women are living out the Gospel daily. They embody what Pope Francis is calling us to do.

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