Catholic Hipster Podcast Ep 12 – Diana von Glahn

Tommy & Sarah record episode 12 of The Catholic Hipster Podcast! They discuss what’s been going on in their lives for 2 weeks, bad allergies, how they sit in the dark, Twitter parties, food in the Bay area. Then they are joined by Diana von Glahn of She talks about her new series called A Papal Pilgrimage in the Holy Land. We then put Diana on the Catholic Hipster Hot seat, sponsored by St. Lawrence. Don’t miss the outtakes at the end!

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Episode 4: Introducing my new cohost, St. Bernadette, Rose Wine & Fr. Brian Hess

On Episode 4 of the Catholic Drinkie Show, Sarah Vabulas explains where she’s been the last eight months and adds a co-host to assist in accountability. She and Father Kyle discuss rose wine, St. Bernadette who’s feast day is April 16 and the connections. She concludes with an interview with Fr. Brian Hess of the Diocese of Cheyenne with another installment of “Hot Around the Collar,” a segment when Sarah interviews priests from around the world about their vocation stories and the beauty of the vocation to the priesthood. Share feedback at or on any Catholic Drinkie social channels.

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